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Indian Cuisine in Singapore

So far the most diversified, exotic and intimidating cuisine in the entire world, Indian cuisine specializes on its knowledge on varied and controlled usage of spices. One can easily explain a perfect Indian cuisine by combining the tastes of all other cuisines together and then add some magical spices to it which results in nothing but a titillating experience altogether.

Usage of spicy, sweet, sour and hot all at the same moment, makes the food itself as something that wants to jump off the plate. Giving an everlasting experience of exquisite taste for your taste buds, this king of cuisines is something which is a must try.

There are more than 20 to 30 spice varieties available in the Indian Cuisine, which are used in its various diversities of dishes. Cumin, Turmeric, Coriander, Ginger etc to name a few and there are infinite combinations for all these spices, the quantity of usage being the secret ingredient for every single cooking expert. Every single spice has a specific reason for being in the dish, be it for taste or mainly for health benefits as well, but the overall experience always resulting in an exciting and flavorful one.

For vegetarians, Indian Cuisine always has an advantage. Not meaning it has less options for the non-vegetarians. For the veggies, its one of the friendliest cuisines around. Spices and Sauces used judiciously gives a new life to vegetables like potatoes, peas etc. Moreover, when a meal you have is not only hearty but healthy too, it converts even the biggest meat lovers.

We at Arunachala Bhavan, focus on the right usage of spices and sauces to give a divine experience for your taste buds. Our expert Indian cuisine is something which we always boost upon. Reach us at Racecourse Road, Singapore for this Indian Experience.

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